Alarm systems

Alarm Sys­tems

Increased sta­tis­tics of bur­glar­ies in both res­i­den­tial and professional-​industrial envi­ron­ments, pro­vide the neces­sity of installing a high end alarm secu­rity sys­tem, of these spec­i­fi­ca­tions that will guar­an­tee the safety of your premises and the safety of the peo­ple liv­ing or work­ing within them.

The secu­rity alarm sys­tem that will carry this task, that is to pro­tect and pro­vide safety against any intruder-​danger, needs to be effi­cient and reli­able. In order to estab­lish the effec­tive­ness of such mea­sures, it pre­sup­poses use of high qual­ity man­u­fac­tures prod­ucts and a well designed site sur­vey before its instal­la­tion.

Our com­pany offers a free of charge site sur­vey, dis­cussing your require­ments in depth and pro­pose to cover your safety needs with high qual­ity secu­rity solu­tions and prod­ucts that will guar­an­tee the safety of your fam­ily, you house and work.

Mega Guard S.A, has the expe­ri­ence and knowhow to offer you reli­able secu­rity sys­tems at com­pet­i­tive rates.

You can con­tact our com­pany 24 hours a day 365 days a year, in order to dis­cuss your safety needs or any of our prod­ucts and ser­vices such as price and spec­i­fi­ca­tion that meets your requirements.