Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Sys­tems

Fire Alarm Sys­tems
The fire detec­tion and extin­guish­ing detect prod­ucts of com­bus­tion from the ear­li­est stages and pro­vide timely notice.

Fire Alarm sys­tems
Fire detec­tion sys­tems warn of the dan­ger of fire. The detec­tors can detect smoke and var­i­ous chem­i­cals or fumes and send an alarm sig­nal to the cen­tral unit of the fire, which then (if con­nected to a cen­tral alarm unit) sends a fire alarm in the Cen­tral Sta­tion of our com­pany, which alerts and cor­re­spond­ing com­pe­tent per­sons (guards, fire, etc.).
The fire­fight­ing sys­tems enable us to put out the fire at the birth. The fire­fight­ing sys­tems can be acti­vated can cover any space avail­able in the fol­low­ing types:
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