Company facilities

Com­pany Facil­i­ties

The MEGA GUARD SA oper­ates through­out the coun­try.
The com­pany is located in the Pre­fec­ture of Thes­sa­loniki and in par­tic­u­lar 1-​km Lan­gada Sohos where located sophis­ti­catedownedcom­pany premises and sig­nal receiv­ing cen­ter.
While the com­pany also has the fol­low­ing branches:

Pre­fec­ture of Attica B. Alexan­drou 87-​Peristeri — Athens
Pre­fec­ture of Kilkis Iouniou 21 — Kilkis
Pre­fec­ture of Ser­res Mega­lou Alexandrou32 — Serres
Pre­fec­ture of Larissa Prousis 45 — Larissa
Pre­fec­ture of Rethymno Ave Em. Pachla 103 — Rethymno
Pre­fec­ture of Xan­thi 28th of Octo­ber 274 — Xanthi
Pre­fec­ture of Ioan­nina Panorama Eleousas — Ioannina
Pre­fec­ture of Patra Theophras­tus 13 — Patra
Pre­fec­ture of Lesvos Mis­tegna – Mytilene

All branches are con­nected via VoiP tele­phone sys­tem with the Head­quorters and the 24h sig­nal cen­ter of the company.

The com­pany oper­ate in privately-​owned instal­la­tions of 400 square metres, built in plot of 5.500 square metres, with draw­ings of their future extension.