Hiring and staff training from Mega Guard

Hiring and staff training from Mega Guard
15 Φεβ 2016

Mega Guard emphasizes in the complete training and retraining of its stuff, using the most up-to-date methods of security and protection worldwide. The Mega Guard staff, compared to other competitive companies, remains stable, with few changes or withdrawals, therefore being an important advantage, as high-level experience and security services are ensured. The extensive investment in staff training and level of service is the main reason that our  company is developing even faster and distincts itself in multiple competitions.

Mega Guard Staff: Required Skills


Mega Guard Staff trainingMega Guard sets a high standard, depending its staff, so that it fulfills all the necessary prerequisites, based on the laws, as well as according to the demands that exist in such a competitive profession. For someone to manage to become a member of the Mega Guard staff, he has got to have a license of work in the department of security services, as well as a clean criminal record, based on the corresponding laws of the Greek state. Furthermore, they have to be quick, agile and versatile when it comes to critical situations, but also possess confidence and impeccable professional approach, in combination with good communication skills and great work ethic. In addition to these, the Mega Guard staff is, overall, described as well fit and good-looking. That means that they have the ability to remain standing or keep a steady walking pace for at least 8 hours, while also being able to run 1000 metres in 5 minutes and be in a position to carry 30 kilos of weight for a distance of at least 50 metres. Finally, some of the most basic characteristics a man must have, in order to be part of the staff of Mega Guard, is impeccable vision ( 10/10 with or without eye-glasses ), fully-working hearing ability and basic grammar knowledge. ( High school graduate )

Skills Test


Part of the hiring and training procedure of the Mega Guard staff consists of the skills test, which is obligatory for each and every one member of the staff, as well as the new candidates. During this process it is possible for each person if he is in a valid position to respond to the requirements of the particular working environment. Additionally, this test helps our team to note what specific type of security service best fits each person,  check if the current specialty fits to the abilities of the person and also find new, alternative professional possibilities.

Staff Hiring Process

Mega Guard Staff hiringAfter the hiring, the Mega Guard staff takes place in an obligatory training programm named  ” Basic Training of Security Employees “, which is organised based on E.KE.PIS. patterns regarding Security Services of Individuals and Properties.


The hiring and staff training process consists of further, more complex matters. If you are interested in applying for a posistion, please contact us.

You can also find Mega Guard’s phone numbers and office addresses in Thessaloniki from here and the ones in Athens from here.




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